tgreenhouse_beefsteaksOur tomato greenhouse is a delight to visit.  Rows of towering vines wind their way towards the high ceiling and the air is warm and moist and redolent with the sharp, spicy smell of tomato plants.  Near waist-level, large red tomatoes are ripening, waiting for their perfect moment of ripeness, and above them their less-ripe, smaller siblings wait for their time in the sun. 

yellowbunchOur hydroponic technique for vine growing makes use of a drip system which delivers nutrient-rich water to the bases of our tomato, cucumber and pepper vines.  The vines are securely rooted in shredded coconut fiber which holds in just enough moisture to let the plants drink their fill but lets unneeded liquid seep out to be recycled, giving our vines the perfect growing medium.  A hanging roll of twine secures each plant from top to bottom.  As the vine grows the twine is moved along the top of the row and rolled out so the spent bottom of the vine wraps along the row.  This technique gives our tomatoes maximum sun exposure and plenty of room to fruit, and looks amazing.  At the season’s end some of our vines wrap entirely around their row!

Pest control is managed with the 
use of “friendly bugs” which prefer pests to plants; we use no chemicals.  Every spring we introduce boxes of bees into our greenhouses and they happily handle the business of pollination, adding their drowsy hum to the golden sunshine sweetening our crops.  The result:  huge, juicy fruit that taste the way they’re meant to and contain all the nutrients Nature intended.  Come watch us grow them!