Successful farming is often about focus.  After a lot of soul-searching, number-crunching and discussions with our vegetable customers, we made the tough decision this winter to focus more on growing food for an increasingly demanding local market. By giving up our bedding plant business, we’re able to create new efficiencies and add a whole new crop to our lineup.

Although you won’t find bedding plants or perennials here anymore, in 2016, we’re growing an entire greenhouse full of juicy red strawberries, and will be offering a limited quantity of strawberry planter baskets for sale for customers who like to grow their own.

We’re also able to double the numbers of vines we grow for our most popular tomato varieties, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, ripe tomatoes for our retail customers and a surplus we plan to process for storage – more on those plans at a later date.

But what you want to know about right now is strawberries, not tomatoes.  We’re trialing five different ever-bearing varieties this year – which, in our climate, means “about-four-months-bearing” once we heat the greenhouses, wake up the baby plants and given them a few weeks to flower and fruit.  We expect to be offering our first berries in June sometime.

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