All of our greenhouse produce is grown hydroponically for optimum results, but our method for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers differs radically from the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) we use to grow our jewel-like living lettuces and herbs.  The NFT system is based on a soil-less process.

hydro_NFT Individual lettuce and herb seedlings are set into slots in a series of semi-enclosed troughs.  A trickle of nutrient-rich water enters one end of each trough and bathes the root-ends before it exits the opposite end and is recycled.  This lets us carefully monitor the nutrient intake of our plants so they get exactly what they love, and lets them absorb all the oxygen they need through their root systems.

As a result our lettuces and herbs are outrageously green and lush and a joy to eat – dirtless, soft and smooth.  They also develop thick mats of clean white roots that keep them fresh and crisp in your fridge for much longer than traditional garden-grown varieties.

We manage our pest control by studying Nature.  “Friendly bugs” are introduced to our crops to keep pests at bay.  These bugs find pests much tastier than lettuce and herbs, and thanks to them we rarely find pest blemishes on our produce.