rosemary-potsSome of our herbs, like our lettuces, are grown using our own variation on the NFT system and are still living when they come to market. This means your full, flavourful basil has a thick mat of roots still attached which can be kept moist so your herbs last for up to a month. Visit our hydroponics page to learn more about our method.

In addition to our living herbs we also grow rosemary, chives, basil, cilantro, oregano and mint by more traditional means. Like our living herbs our drip-fed potted herbs are grown for retail with our careful attention to detail in a pesticide-free environment.

Your DeBruin’s herbs are full of flavour and delightful to cook with at home, and we recommend visiting our local restaurant partners to enjoy fine dining with DeBruin’s herbs!

fresh-rosemary**Notes on living herbs: While living herbs do come with a full root structure, we don’t recommend them for transplant into gardens or pots as they’re conditioned to the nutrient bath in which they’ve grown.