Successful farming is often about focus. We made the tough decision this past winter to focus more on growing food for an increasingly demanding local market. By giving up our bedding plant business, we're able to create new efficiencies and add a whole new crop to our lineup.
You’ll taste the difference.
Innovation and attention are the hallmarks of our fresh produce production. We constantly research and experiment with the latest pesticide-free methods of growing for each different crop, adopting new, Nature-inspired methods in our tomato greenhouse and hydroponics gardens that prove through testing to provide superior results: beautiful produce that tastes even better than it looks.

Looking for DeBruin’s produce? Visit us at the Thunder Bay Country Market, or check out our partners to find a restaurant or retailer near you.

Tomatoes (The Way Tomatoes Should Taste)

One bite of a juicy, meaty DeBruin’s tomato will make you a believer.
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Luxuriant Lettuces

Our supple, smooth lettuces are grown hydroponically, free of grit and dirt and as crispy and fresh as only a living plant can be.
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Fragrant Fresh Herbs

Many of our herbs are grown hydroponically and are still living when they come to market...
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Crunchy Cucumbers

On a quiet day you can almost hear our cucumber vines groan under the weight of their fruit...
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The Latest News from DeBruin's

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Watch Us Grow!

owners_2015For nearly two decades DeBruin’s has been growing… and you’re always welcome to come and watch. We opened our first greenhouse – 800 square feet – in 1990, beginning with just bedding plants. Since then we’ve grown to over 17,000 square feet of greenhouses, including a single enormous structure dedicated entirely to growing our signature tomato crop.

Driven by curiosity and the desire to constantly improve, we’re constantly updating and trying new methods. We believe in transparent operations and welcome visitors wishing to tour the operation to see for themselves how we produce the kind of quality we do.

The Tomato Greenhouse

tgreenhouse_thumbOur tomato greenhouse is a wonder for kids and adults alike; 5,400 square feet of 27-foot tomato vines in close rows makes for an awesome sight.

Nutrient Film Technique

Our jewel-like living lettuces and herbs are grown using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), which keeps their roots supplied with a constantly-flowing stream of water, oxygen and nutrients.
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